Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Kernersville Wisdom Teeth Extraction

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last four molars that grow into a person's mouth, often in their late teens or early twenties. Unfortunately, this final group of molars often comes in incorrectly and causes pain and damage to the rest of the mouth. It is essential to have a dentist monitor your wisdom teeth and evaluate the potential risk to your overall oral health.

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Why Wisdom Teeth Are Often Removed

The majority of human mouths do not have the room necessary to accommodate wisdom teeth. Because of this, the molars may only partially emerge or become stuck in the jaw altogether. Sometimes, they force themselves out despite the lack of room and cause painful impaction that negatively impacts the rest of your mouth.

Common issues that arise if wisdom teeth are allowed to come in normally include:

  • Overall misalignment: other teeth may be forced to crowd to accommodate the molars
  • Damage to surrounding teeth : other teeth may be pushed into each other causing pain, increased wear, and bite problems
  • Increased likelihood of cavities : irritated and open gums encourage bacteria growth and leave your teeth exposed to cavities
  • Jaw and nerve damage : if cysts form around the new teeth, they can hollow out the surrounding jaw bone and harm the nerves
  • Sinus problems : the growth of upper wisdom teeth can cause pressure, congestion, and pain in the sinuses

It is important to regularly consult a trusted Kernersville dentist who can monitor your wisdom teeth and determine if and when they should be removed. Through the use of a panoramic X-ray, we will be able to thoroughly examine the positioning of your wisdom teeth in relation to your other teeth and the overall shape of your mouth. This allows us to provide you with an informed decision that you can trust.

Putting Your Worries to Rest

Wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure that 85% of adults undergo. Our Kernersville practice prioritizes preventing issues from becoming serious risks. We will take the time to study your mouth and craft a personalized plan to relieve pain and put you at ease. At Infinity Dental, we strive to cultivate a calm and relaxing atmosphere that eradicates stress. To further combat the anxiety you may be facing, we also offer sedation dentistry to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

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