Kernersville Prosthodontics

Your Smile is Our Top Priority

Our goal at Infinity Dental is to put a healthy and happy smile within the reach of everyone in the Kernersville area. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty focused on the restoration and replacement of damaged teeth. Prosthodontists receive several additional years of training after completing dental school and possess the skills necessary to provide your teeth with the best care possible.

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What We Can Do for You

From cosmetic treatments to reconstructive procedures, prosthodontists are uniquely qualified to provide a broad level of oral care. With years of advanced education and hands-on experience, prosthodontists possess an unparalleled understanding of a healthy mouth.

Some of the common treatments to restore damage on natural teeth include:

  • Crowns : Cap placed over damaged tooth to restore appearance
  • Veneers : Thin shell bonded to tooth to correct gaps, cracks, or discoloration
  • Bridges : Fill gap left from missing teeth to anchor remaining teeth
  • Dental Implants : Replacement teeth installed at the root
  • Dentures : Complete and partial replacement sets to fill gaps from missing teeth
  • Bleaching : Whitening the appearance of your smile

Other concerns we can address include:

  • Special issues specific to geriatric patients
  • Jaw joint problems
  • Sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea therapy
  • Children born with missing teeth or other oral anomalies
  • Reconstruction after oral cancer or traumatic injuries

Prosthodontics: A Comprehensive Solution

It is not uncommon for general dentists to refer their patients to a prosthodontist for complex restorations since they are more thoroughly trained. However, our practice aims to make the highest quality dental care available in an accessible and realistic way. Avoid the inconvenient and exhausting process of being referred from office to office. Schedule an appointment at Infinity Dental to get all of your oral needs taken care of at one stop.

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