Routine Surgical Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction in Kernersville

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There are instances when pulling a tooth is the only option and times where a damaged tooth can definitely be salvaged. If you are experiencing tooth pain, get a professional opinion from our Kernersville dentist before jumping to action.

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The Two Types of Extractions

Routine extractions are performed on teeth that are already exposed in the mouth. During these simple extractions, one of our highly qualified Kernersville dentists will loosen the affected tooth with a tool called an elevator. Then, the tooth can be easily extricated with forceps.

Surgical extractions are slightly more complex as they are performed on teeth that are not visible in the mouth. There are many reasons this could be necessary, such as if a tooth breaks off at the gum line or if it hasn’t grown into the mouth yet.

Why Extraction Sometimes is the Answer

It may seem counterintuitive to intentionally remove teeth from your mouth when the majority of dentistry is focused on the preservation of natural teeth, but there are times when extraction is necessary to promote your overall oral health.

This may be the case when:

  • Existing teeth are blocking other teeth from growing in
  • Baby teeth don’t fall out in time to make room for permanent teeth
  • A mouth is being prepared for the teeth movement involved with braces
  • Cancer drugs or treatments are involved
  • A tooth is infected with deep, irreparable tooth decay

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