Meet the Doctor


Dr. Gurvinder S. Bhatti D.D.S

Kernersville, NC Dentist

Infinity Dental

In addition to his deep understanding of the latest technologies of the dental industry, Dr. Bhatti has a reputation for delivering new, innovative ideas to our practice. Extremely devoted to providing the Kernersville area with affordable and premier dental care, he loves restoring the beautiful smiles and oral health of our patients, as well as influencing them to upkeep excellent hygiene. He knows he’s doing his job when lives are dramatically transformed and improved through his work.

Our focus is on establishing trust, delivering comfort, and boosting your happiness. We understand that dental phobia is real. Going to the dentist can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for some people. That’s why we go above and beyond to maintain a stress-free and relaxing environment, which helps us solve this problem for your greater prosperity. Patients who come in with any nervousness end up leaving confidently—with the help of our friendly staff and focus on zen-like techniques. We want you feeling positive and excited about your next appointment. We accept most dental insurances and provide financing to those who need it.

Dentistry At Ease

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Dentistry at Ease by Chelsea Pyne

Surveys estimate that 99.7 percent of Americans would like to U have bigger, brighter smiles-and for good reason. It turns out that a sparkling smile boosts overall happiness and well being. Keeping each patients oral hygiene at its best while developing greater confidence is fundamental to Dr. Gary S. Bhatti and his team at Infinity Dental. A healthier smile leads to more confidence, which promotes greater success in academics and professional life, as well as stronger social relationships. So, it makes sense why almost 100 percent of Americans desire better smiles. You do not just look and feel your best. you are your best. 

As many know, perfecting your smile can come with a heavy price tag. That is where Infinity Dental has succeeded in meeting everyone's needs. Dr. Bhatti puts compassionate dentistry at the forefront of his practice. At the age of 14, young Gary developed an intense toothache. After what he calls "The worst pain I have ever been in to this day" the eighth grader made a life-changing promise to himself. Despite his pain and the exaggerated price of the tooth implant he needed, little Gary S. Bhatti set forth to become a doctor himself. 

The now grown Dr. Bhatti explained, "My parents came from India where you only went to the dentist to have a tooth plled if you could not stand the pain any longer. I was 14 when I had my traumatic tooth pain-something I vowed I would never go through again. I started high school knowing what I wanted to do. And I was very determined to make that dream come true." Dr. Bhatis bad experience spurred on a studious high school career. He proceeded to UCLA and then to dental school at the University of Southern California. After graduating, he joined the military where he received advanced dental training. "Honestly. I just got lucky. I received a special program that took my skills above and beyond. The military trains you to be a perfectionist. Everything was "better, better, better." However, it was Dr. Wear who really defined dentistry for me." 

Dr. Damon Wear, who spent 40 years shaping his dental career into a well-loved practice, sadly passed away in January. Dr. Bhatti and Dr. Wear worked closely together over the past year before Dr Bhatti retained the practice and change the name to Infinity Dental. “I wanted to be in Kernersville because it has the ideal location, but it was my mentorship with Dr. Wear as to why I made my home here. He taught me another side to private civilian dentistry that I did not receive in the military. He took care of people just because he could. It all stemmed from compassion. He retained a high number of patients from literally all over the world. It was a real honor to serve and work under him. To see how his patients loved and adored him- that sticks with me everyday. That is what I have molded my practice after and all my staff wholeheartedly seek to maintain his tradition”

Keeping true to Dr. Wear’s legacy and to his own ambitions, Dr. Bhatti has already made a reputation as a compassionate dentist. The dental implant he needed as a child is now offered to his patients at a huge discount. “my goal is to get people out of pain as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. It is ridiculous how much some dentists charge for their services. I know what it is like not being able to afford a $5,000 implant. My team and I work hard to get prices down to a very reasonable fee.” Infinity Dental has an ongoing promotion for dental implants at $995, saving patients thousands of dollars. Dr. Bhatti even goes as far as warrantying his crowns for five years. He added, “I noticed that some insurances do not cover crowns. If you have any problems I will replace it for free. I do not know of any other dentist who offers a warranty, but it is a trend I am happy to have started.”

Another popular service is IV sedation, which gives patients the option to remain asleep during surgery.  The ominous wisdom teeth extraction is set at ease as the staff designs a personalized plan to relieve pain while cultivating a calm environment. Over dentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants. It is another of the most sought after procedures. 

Other services include teeth cleaning, orthodontics, endodontics, restorative, pediatric, periodontics, cosmetics, oral surgery, emergency procedures, and more. “We make sure our services are affordable no matter what. We always have discounts available and we offer in-office financing. Dr. Bhatti does everything he can to get what each patient needs,” receptionist Angie added. 

Sometimes that means staying late on a Saturday evening. Dr. Bhatti and his seven staff members work diligently to see patients who otherwise could not come during normal weekday hours. Furthermore, Dr. Bhatti has recently incorporated a digital system for appointments. Patients receive emails and reminder texts a few days before their appointment. Since most re scheduled six months in advance, this has been a relief for patients who may have otherwise forgotten.

As Dr. Bhatti can attest, life is about making the best with what you are given. Turning the worst pain of your life into a passionate career of helping others is inspiring to say the least. The staff at Infinity Dental centers on the patient experience-striving for the best dental appointment possible. For more information, visit or call 336-996-3542. Infinity Dental is located at 201 N Cherry St., Kernersville.

Patient Gabriella Lopez added, “Dr. Bhatti scheduled me a last-minute appointment because of the pain I was in. He was very caring and concerned about my well being. I was very nervous in the beginning of the appointment, but the staff members gave me a sense of peace. The appointment went by quicky and I was pleased with the service. I will be back!”