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According to the American Dental Association, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in U.S. children and has impacted over 90% of American adults. Cavities and other damage not only compromise the structure of teeth, but can lead to gum inflammation, difficulty eating, general pain, and even tooth loss if left untreated for long enough. The good news is that most tooth damage is not irreparable. Whether faced with the erosion of enamel or advanced tooth rot, our experienced team of dentists in Kernersville can help reverse the damage and restore your natural smile!

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Options to Minimize & Rectify Damage

The main goal of tooth restoration is to reestablish the structural integrity and full functioning of the mouth. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria breaks down the hard tissues that form the teeth. If left untreated, the teeth are prone to further deterioration. However, with the experienced care of a dentist, the damage can be controlled and rectified.

There are two different approaches to teeth restoration: direct and indirect. Direct restoration methods use a soft filling to build up the damaged tooth in a single procedure. Indirect restorations generate customized solutions using dental impressions before restoring the damaged teeth over several visits.

The most common forms of direct restoration are:

  • Composite fillings : comprised of a blend of several metals.
  • Amalgam fillings : made of a tooth-colored mixture of polymers.

Popular forms of indirect restoration include:

  • Inlays & onlays : fillings used to reinforce and strengthen weakened teeth.
  • Crowns : Caps placed over damaged tooth to restore appearance and minimize further damage.
  • Bridges : Fill gaps left from missing teeth to anchor remaining teeth in place and prevent bone loss.
  • Dentures : Whole, partial, and retained sets of teeth custom made to fill gaps.
  • Implants : Replacement teeth installed at the root.

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