What Is Affordable Dentistry?

Dental care can be costly, especially if you don't have insurance. But neglecting your dental care due to the cost can lead to severe oral health problems that will be expensive along the line. Fortunately, at Infinity Dental in Kernersville, we offer affordable dentistry so you can achieve your healthiest smile without breaking the bank. Talk to Dr. Gurvinder Bhatti today.

What is affordable dentistry?

Affordable dentistry is dental care provided at a reasonable cost so it is accessible to individuals with different income levels. At our Kernersville office, affordable dentistry doesn't mean lesser care -- we provide all the benefits without the higher price, from cleanings to fillings to x-rays.

What are the benefits of affordable dentistry?

At our Kernersville office, we will work with you to provide care that both meets your needs and your budget. We offer individualized care and can offer you treatment options at different price levels so you can feel confident about your dental care without stressing over the bill.

With affordable dentistry, you can also stagger your procedures or treatments so you have the available funds at a given time.

Your dentist at our Kernersville office will discuss basic costs upfront so you are prepared, and can help you determine if your insurance plan will cover care at our facility and how much your co-pay may be.

Why is affordable dentistry important?

Putting off necessary dental care, including cleanings, exams, cavities, or damage can lead to severe oral problems, which can manifest and, without swift intervention, impact your overall health. Also, the more severe your dental damage, the more it will ultimately cost to correct or treat the issue. Affordable dentistry allows you to keep up with your oral health at a reasonable price.

Call Dr. Gurvinder Bhatti of the Kernersville office today at 336-996-3542 to learn more about affordable dentistry.