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Dental Implants in Kernersville, North Carolina

A Second Chance for Your Smile. Modern technology has led to dental implants so advanced they look and even feel like your own natural teeth. This advancement allows for gaps left in your smile from missing teeth to be filled with a permanent replacement that benefits not only your appearance but your overall wellbeing.

Dental Implants in Kernersville, North Carolina

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What Implants Can Do for You

There are many advantages associated with dental implants, especially as they are the most permanent tooth replacement option. If cared for properly, implants can last a lifetime. The alternative to implants are dentures, which have been known to inhibit speech, cause discomfort, and require more intensive upkeep. Dental implants do not come with any of these problems.

In fact, dental implants often bring about an improvement in:

  • Speech
  • Comfort
  • Ease of eating
  • Appearance
  • Self-confidence
  • Overall oral health
  • Convenience

How Implants Work

The first step in the dental implant process is scheduling a consultation with our experienced Kernersville dentist. Together, we will discuss your needs and create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to what you want. Infinity Dental specializes in oral surgery and has an in-house team of experts that assist in this process to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of care.

Then the dental implant, typically made of titanium, is put into the empty bone socket that was left from the missing tooth. As the bone heals around the titanium post in the next few months, the implant is securely bonded to the jaw to mimic the regrowth of roots. Lastly, a crown is placed over the post to complete your polished new smile. We take great care to ensure that the crown matches the color of your other teeth and fits correctly into your bite.

Making Your Smile Whole Again

With a success rate of 98% and the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, dental implants can completely restore your smile. Our practice is dedicated to making implants affordable and accessible to the Kernersville community by offering the lowest prices, providing several flexible financing options, and accommodating most dental insurance policies. Our goal is to have you leaving our offices happier and more confident than when you arrived.

Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are about half the size in diameter of a regular dental implant. This offers many benefits, and they can also be used in situations where regular implants cannot. If an implant needs to be placed in a narrow space, mini implants are the preferred method because of their smaller size.

The main use for mini implants is to install a full upper or lower denture. A series of mini implants (4-6) are placed along the gum line, and they serve as the base of the denture. Rather than placing a single implant for a single tooth, an entire lower or upper set of teeth are directly attached to the gum line.

The small size of mini implants often means that no incision needs to be made to place the implant. They can usually be inserted right through the gum into the bone. This eliminates the need for a recovery period, and the restoration can usually be placed right away or only a short time after.

Mini implants are also less expensive than regular implants. Only your dentist knows if mini implants are right for you, so call for your consultation today.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

A dental implant is a permanent new root for a missing tooth. It is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone. An abutment and crown are then placed on the implant to provide a new tooth that is permanent and looks just like a natural tooth.

Dentures are a removable set of teeth or partial set of teeth that need to be removed and cared for in a special manner. They can often feel bulky and are difficult to get used to. Dental implants are a permanent replacement for missing teeth that can be cared for just like natural teeth.

Dental implants look and feel just like real teeth, they are permanent, you can eat the foods you want without any fear of embarrassment, and they procedure is very successful and fairly inexpensive.

Your dentist may be able to perform implants in their own office based on their training. If not, they will recommend you to an implantologist, cosmetic dentist, or another specialist that will perform the procedure.

The price of your dental implants will vary based on the level of experience of your doctor, how many implants you are having placed, amount of insurance coverage, and more. Schedule a consultation with us to determine a price for your implants and a financing plan if necessary.

No. A local anesthetic will be given before the procedure so that you do not feel any pain. If you have anxiety or fear you should discuss sedation options with your dentist.

When cared for properly, implants should last a lifetime. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits are essential to the success of your implant.

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Evie M.
Google dental office review in Kernersville, North Carolina
5 stars dental office review in Kernersville, North Carolina

Evie M.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out at this office, the staff and dentist made me feel so much better about it. I was so nervous but they calmed me down and reassured me everything would be alright. The recovery from surgery was so much easier than I thought. I had a great experience and the people there are so sweet!
Patti S.
Google dental office review in Kernersville, North Carolina
5 stars dental office review in Kernersville, North Carolina

Patti S.

My Granddaughter is a first time patient. Dr. Bhatti and his staff were wonderful with her. She loved her visit and is ready to go again! Would highly recommend Infinity Dental.
Carl D.
Google dental office review in Kernersville, North Carolina
5 stars dental office review in Kernersville, North Carolina

Carl D.

Professional and caring dentist and staff. Dr. Bhatti takes the time to explain different treatments and their pros and cons. He spends the time necessary to serve his patients, even at the sacrifice of his and his staff’s free time. One of the hardest adjustments is to work with a new care provider but Dr. Bhatti made it easy.
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Dr. Gurvinder Bhatti, dentist in Kernersville, NC
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