Dental Tips: Adjusting to Your Night Guards

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A night guard is a mouthpiece fitted to the exact specifications of the mouth and is meant to be worn when sleeping. Patients are prescribed to wear nightguards to help combat the symptoms of TMJ, bruxism, and other dental problems. Since a night guard is for nightly use, you might find it strange to sleep with a foreign object in your mouth. These mouthpieces are made from hard or soft plastic; hence, having to wear them might require a period of adjustment. Rest assured, you will get used to wearing this oral device in just a short while. 

night guard and tooth brush

To help you with your adjustment phase, here are some useful tips we at Infinity Dental have prepared that may benefit you when it comes to wearing night guards:

Consider the type of materials used

If you don’t want your oral device to feel bulky inside your mouth, you can request for your night guard to be made of thinner materials. This will make it easy for you to get used to your night guard as you wear it regularly.

Practice nightly wear 

Practice placing the night guard in your mouth before your bedtime. This will help you get used to the feeling of having the device in your mouth. Through this, you will no longer feel distracted when you go to sleep at night. Try to keep the nightguard in for at least five to fifteen minutes before going to sleep.

Be patient

Don’t stress yourself out. Remember to give yourself time because you will eventually adjust with your night guards through frequent use. For most patients, they find themselves getting used to their night guards in just 30 days. However, you must be diligent with using your night guards each night to get entirely comfortable with it. Using it sparingly will not be enough to help you adjust, and it surely will not treat your dental condition.

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